Sun & Snow Festival is presented as a perfect combination of adventure, sport, music and the experience of living the festival at the highest altitude of the Iberian Peninsula, directly on the peaks of the magical Sierra Nevada, a location that requires a strong commitment to the environment, as we are before one of the largest national parks in Spain.


One of the main pillars on which Sun & Snow Festival is based, is the musical programming. Always going one step further by offering emerging performances that will be the ones that shine more strongly in the coming years without forgetting the big names of the panorama, house, techno, deep-house and independent of the moment.

Music  can   name   the   unnameable   and   communicate   the   unknowable

Stefan Koelsch

When   we   separate   music   from   life   we   get   art

John Cage


I   can   not   understand   why   people   are   frightened   of   new   ideas .  I   am   frightened   of   the   old   ones


John Cage


Children   of   winter   never   grow   old


Unknow artist


In addition to being one of the main ski resorts throughout the Iberian Peninsula, and offer hundreds of miles of skiable slopes. Sun & Snow and Sierra Nevada offer a great variety of activities such as paragliding, trekking and spas, all of them fulfilling the commitment of zero emissions.


Sierra Nevada, the Ski and Mountain Resort of Andalucía, is located in the Sistema Penibético (municipality of Monachil and Dílar), in the vicinity of the Sierra Nevada Natural Area. With a privileged location, in a knot of connections with the rest of Andalusian provinces, the station is 31 km from Granada and less than 100 km from the Costa of Granada.