agoria sun & snow


With only a few Eps, Sebastien Devaud aka Agoria has become a promise come true after releasing in September 2003 the megapelotazo in the form of long duration: Blossom (PIAS). His mother is an opera singer and his father is an architect of visionaries. Well, Sebastien grew up in a family atmosphere of rather high cultural tints. That’s why he quickly became frustrated when he realized that being a DJ is playing other people’s records. That was in 1999 and a few months later he was already composing for independent labels like UMF, Tekmic’s and Zebra 3. His first E.P. with PIAS would be launched in 2002, the famous La 11ème marche de Agoria that would mark the passage to Dj with many years of mili as Dj Hell, Andrew Weatherall, Ángel Molina or Funk D’Void. Even the English – always reluctant to do anything that smells French – were infected with the Gaulish anthem and Pete Tong and Seb Fontaine radioed it several times on their respective radio programmes. But his best move came when he was in charge of the remix of the Inner City classic, Big Fun, which enthused Kevin Saunderson himself. As he rewarded, he played in the 2003 Movement, a prestigious Detroit festival that allowed him to take the stage along with Kevin Saunderson himself, and other masters like Juan Atkins or Kenny Larkin. In 2006 he released his second album, The Green Armchair and a year later he was in charge of the mix At the Cotrols of Resist Music. That same year he decided to create a label with his friends Alexandre Cazac and Yannick Matray called InFiné Music, which would be released by Francesco Tristano and in which have already appeared productions of people like Danton Eeprom, Clara Moto or Rone. Halfway between InFiné and Different, their third album, Go Fast, was released in 2008. Agoria’s fourth feature sees the light in 2011 and with it he shows us that he also knows how to move away from club electronics and sign much more eclectic productions. It’s called Impermanence. This same year he is in charge of volume 57 of the CD mix series of the London club Fabric.