roman flugel


One of the great names of German electronic music and one of the brains of the Klang Elektronik-Playhouse-Ongaku connection. Artistically, his role as Jörn Elling-Wuttke’s better half in Alter Ego stands out, precisely one of the German electro-techno-trance projects that have penetrated more and better in the United Kingdom – always a difficult market for everything foreign and especially what smells like “german style”. Roman Flügel is also one of the technical advisors of kaiser Sven Väth for whom he has recorded two albums, Contact and Fire. The relationship with the German star began when Flüegel and Jörn Elling signed with Harthouse and Eye Q and revolutionized the new German techno with new ups and downs to please the masses. That one who is plenipotentiary heir of the raver fever of the early nineties who is also guilty of the incipient and youthful industrial queries of these two greats of the Teutonic scene. His fetish theme: Betty Ford. And if not ask Sven Väth how many times he has played it in recent times. Although clear, no point of comparison with the ball Rocker of which in 2005 still came echoes after remaining more than a year as breakers. He kept the flame of hype alive a few months later with another Rocker-style lash titled this time Geht’s Noch? (Cocoon) which was later remixed to satiety by people like Domink Eulberg. In 2006 he completes an album with his alias Soylent Green titled La forza del destino (Playhouse) where he includes the track Low Pt. 1 that Ángel Molina will use in the third part of his Wax Sessions. Follow in the footsteps of the clever Flügel in solitary also in Ongaku and Klang Elektronik.