animal picnic sun & snow


2016 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for Spanish producers Daniel Banker and Inigo de la Riera. Fondly known as Animal Picnic, With their latest Ep’s “Sinopsia” ,”Euphony ” and “Vortex” and many remixes and collaborations with their label partners and other artists, this power techno & house duo are setting their sights high and are on route to conquering fresh musical territories.
The pair officially formed in 2012, after spending a season in Ibiza during 2013, the flood gates opened, initiating a stampede of creativity and support.

They were regular hosts on Ibiza Global Radio station and have released on numerous labels such as Steyoyoke, Parquet recordings, Sleazy Deep, dear deer, Spirit Soul Records and Kumasi, but Danny and Inigo’s thirst to explore their abilities and changing music tastes, are far from quenched.
In 2014, they continue to evolve their sound toward a darker more bass driven sound than what they have previously produced. In 2015 rise to the highest point of their path playing around he world in places like Rusia, USA, Dubai, Puerto Rico, Germany, Portugal, Latvia, Ucrania, Spain…

Let’s see how this year comes to this pair of artists who soon will present new works and new tours.