Luis Guevara alias Le Coné, music lover and passionate about mixing, is one of the creators and most veteran member of the T-Label collective.

His style is characterized by a mental Techno, sessions that connect and envelop in his trajectory from beginning to end, loaded with forceful mixtures and touches of break, do not leave anyone indifferent on the track.

Currently, he is part of the project “Vortex” together with his collective T-Label and Industrial Copera, monthly events in which the most purist Techno and underground sounds are the protagonists.

He has toured international cities such as Tulum (Mexico) and Palermo (Italy) where he can share good doses of musical selection, also in Barcelona, Murcia, Seville, Almeria and Granada, and has had the opportunity to share a booth with world-renowned artists such as Reeko, Tripeo, Exium, Tensal, Lewis Fautzi, Jeroen Search, Regis, SNTS, Octave One, Raffaele Attanasio, Antigone and C-System, among others.