Owner of the new platform in vinyl format Orbe Records and artist in the template of the international label CMYK musik led by Alex Under, Fernando Sanz aka ORBE, began very tied to the scene breaks more underground in a town in southern Spain (Algeciras) with only 14 years.

His interest in the search for a conceptual sound made him pay attention to techno rhythms, getting through different hardware like Elektron Monomachine a style that has made him edit in labels like Soma Records or Trapez and go through big clubs like Propaganda (Moscow), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), GOA (Madrid), Wilden Renate (Berlin) …

In the middle of 2013, Fernando started his personal project Orbe Records, a label that bets on the new futuristic and elliptical techno sound. After his second reference with the artist Eduardo de la Calle the intentions of the label are very clear.