theBasement is not a party. theBasement is a project created by a group of restless minds born in the 80’s eager to offer a new approach to the events of their hometown, Valencia, and within its possibilities, any city, country or galaxy that lends itself.

We are a multidisciplinary, collaborative, technologically informed and culturally connected team.

Musical non-conformists, addicts to try and do. Always in our own way, always with the unique know-how of the Levante coast. Our coast, bathed by the Mediterranean and awarded with an unbeatable climate.

We like music to transcend sound and become an idea, an aesthetic, an experience. We take care to take care of every detail so that this happens.

Quality electronic rhythms are our leitmotiv. Whether it’s through our weekly radio show, on a picnic day or by the sea. And if you give us a little time, we’ll be where you least expect it.